Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Gay Man's Guide to Taking the Red Pill, 1.0 (Originally Posted on Reddit)

Gay Red Piller here. Wonder how I got here sometimes -- coming from a self-feminized existence with the GSA and hating men, to enthusiastically joining the most ill-seen men's locker room on the net! Insert joke about gay men in locker room yeah yeah
It's completely egotistical for me to consider that this would be an actual guide as I am just one individual writing this with no third party revision before posting, so please look at my sketching as harmless possibilities.
Also, please don't see this as my convincing everyone how great and awesome gay men are for getting boners for their brethren. This isn't a cry for acceptance. This is ideally for other gay Red Pillers to go, "Oh, I see," and maybe, "Yes I've thought that," or, "What? Wrong. My comment will refute this and be upvoted," and it's something interesting for straight guys: there's been a smattering of posts regarding gays in how they facilitate or cockblock men's access to women, and also how gay men often don't let women fly with the pussy pass. (They additionally are not doomed by losing vaginal access by speaking up.)
How are gay men like straight men or straight women? Why's it important for gay men to take the red pill? How are gay men's Red Pill red flags telling for all guys taking the RP?
1. Gay men were also brought up on the Blue Pill Disney romantic fantasy. Like straight men, they were told they would find a soulmate, and they seek an unconditional mother's love in romantic partners by default. This has to be unlearned. Hookups don't apply.
2. Gay men are hypergamous by nature. If Rational Male has taught me one thing, it's that I get heartbroken like a boy, but I seek a higher status mate as a girl does. I think I find a difference in that, in Esther Vilar's writings, women are portrayed as rational in their seeking beta bucks, while Rollo portrays that they are hard-wired for this type of coldly-calculated thing. I'm not a woman so I can't speak for one, but I think that a gay man would seek wealth in a partner out of laziness; a potential partner's wealth does not stir romantic longing, per se. Gay men might settle for money, especially actor types. Both gay men and straight women have an alpha fucks desire; beta bucks is the default for women, and gay men may or may not marry someone just for their money. BUT, gay men arehypergamous in their search for the manliest man, and this search is only ultimately resolved when they find that manin themselves, which rarely happens. Seeing yourself as the father figure is the jackpot of gay psychological spiritual sexuality. I feel a straight guy would also have piece of mind with this mindset, and a lot of books teaching masculinity claim this too (King Warrior Magician Lover; or anything by Jack Donovan).
3. Gay men have the sex drive of straight men. Not news.
4. Gay men, innately, ultimately desire submitting to a masculine man, but if they are masculine already, will generally be more interested in having a feminine counterpart exist in their reality, in case they have trouble finding a competing man's masculinity whose manliness floors them into submission. Here come the down-votes but this is what I see time and time again. Alpha-like guy in his thirties might enjoy busting his nuts on younger willing twinks who're even fun to have around and talk to and who ultimately come to his house to please him (notice the plurality). Insecure skinny beta ultra-feminized gay boy will want a big man to show him the ropes; is the captain of the football team gay yet, or the frowny guy with big forearms in my math class? Bears often like bears; they appear to have the mother and the father in them. In all cases appearance trumps actuality (would see an alpha guy who had a ton of insecurities and emotional roller-coasters equivalent to a woman, but he is one of the guy-est guys I know; feminine guys can be 'fierce' as fuck).
4.5. The gay man should therefore aim to be as manly as possible in order to maintain his psychological power and his own respect (I am the man here so I am in control), and to avoid falling head over heels over any guy who doesn't imitate lipstick-wearing individuals. Yo, it's not just women who gotta watch for those bad RP or natural alphas, but gay men too. No h8ers.
5. Gay men, by behaving like women, learn early on not to trust themselves; by regaining masculinity, they accept themselves more as individuals capable of original thought and who don't need others' validation. This was such a huge leap for me. By becoming like a man instead of turning my lower lip out whenever I didn't know something or couldn't make a decision for myself, when I act manly, I find my mind thinking, Wait, I am capable of solving this problem, I can be a leader, I can be the oak tree and not the court jester I am portrayed as in film and TV. This has made me question femininity hugely. This point is also a leap from the "accept your femininity and you will suddenly feel better because that's who you really are anyway" stuff told to gay men. Granted I will always be an arts guy, I think, with an interest in the emotional and the spiritual that could make a new age person jealous, and I have to put an effort to enjoy sports. Maybe TRP will guide me to more masculine interests if they're even necessary; need to explore this a bit more. Definitely more interested in money now, which I may have previously associated with men and being bad.
6. Gay men, when feminine with their partners or other gay men, almost always use this as a means of romantic/sexual manipulation. Saying "Pleeeease can I?" and other childlike, "feminine" behaviors are almost always manipulative (how to treat an orbiter). One time I was at a house party in San Francisco, and this huge, tall, fat gay man, who was the host, was cornering me in his house for sex. I am furiously against fake rape accusations and he didn't rape me, but honestly, I was scared out of my wits and felt like a could-be actual rape victim. What tactics did I use to get out? I said "I'm sorrryyyy but I have to goooo" and made big droopy eyes and sad-face mouth. He beneficently sighed, like, I guess this poor, young, pretty fit, early 20s guy just can't read sexual signals, and he's a precious little thing that needs to be cared for and it is my responsibility as The Man to see to it that this adult-child isn't hurt by the world, poor dear thing. Women are not not actually like that and don't need that. Identify when any female pulls this BS on you. Women never get like this with gay men, if anything they are just sassy, because gay men see through that. Meanwhile, straight men are often women's unsuspecting babysitters.
7. Taking the red pill ultimately means, for gay men, to aggressively develop an able body (not just for aesthetic purposes...I guess), figure out what it means to be a man and how to achieve it, be manly, figure out how to make that dough, and to realize that no other guy can love you like you want to be loved. Masculinity, muscles, money = my new mantra.