Saturday, May 9, 2015

Never Do This After A (First) Date/Hangout/Hookup

"Hey nice to meet you, sorry if I was a little off today :] hope you have a safe ride home!"

"Sorry about tonight haha"

"Hope I wasn't too boring tonight :P later..."

Never send an apologetic text after a (first) date. Strange that it has to be said, as if that would go against something on this blog, but it's just a beta knee-jerk response that has to be killed.

Unless it was unclear, these texts usually follow an orderly or at least no-bumps-on-the-road date where nothing in particular happened. Not that you should be making every date an adrenaline-pumped experience; it just comes from a feeling of not having 'done' enough, as if you had to do anything except just be and have a good time with him. That feeling comes from thoughts and feelings of low self-worth.

Will it ruin your chances with a guy to send him this text? It'll put him off at least a little. No one wants to be with an obedient little sheep. But more likely than not, he may have not been that into you to begin with, causing you to think you were doing something wrong and/or giving you more tingles, in turn causing you to send that unnecessary text.

Just don't. Keep your self respect.