Friday, April 3, 2015

Heroism and Hero Worship in Sexuality

Along the theme of the top/masc partner gifting his 'fire' to his feminine/bottom partner, I just found this really interesting article. It talks about the value that men and women have, what exactly "masculinity" and "femininity" with no politically correct agenda, while being very exacting and careful in how the male/female relationship pans out, value exchange, etc.

Some choice quotes:

"Hero worship is based on the metaphysical natures of men and women, i.e., what a woman is and what a man is. The less efficacious gay guy woman looks up to and admires the stronger man. A top's male’s sexuality is wrapped up in heroism, and a bottom's woman’s sexuality is wrapped up in admiring him because this is, after all, what has allowed civilization to exist and to prosper. Sex is the celebration of life. Life is the standard of erotica."

"Hero worship is not meant to be a damning curse, highlighting the “inferiority” of bottoms/subs women. It should be nothing more than a simple, benevolent female-to-male appreciation."

"If hero worship is not the response to male strength, the only other response possible is jealousy. Feminists make this response inevitable." <-- Interesting to consider in terms of male/male sex. A guy who wants to identify solely as a top would have this response, while a guy comfortable being submissive would find longing in seeing a bigger guy.

Here it is.