Sunday, August 23, 2015

It's OK to say "no" to someone because they have HIV/AIDS, despite what the current PC campaign says

AIDS was a big deal and a death sentence, and nowadays with the right meds, it seems to be a pain in the ass financially but if you're responsible you should basically be fine, or so they say. I'm pretty uninformed but my understanding is that most people who have AIDS will still die from some form of "AIDS related illness" aka AIDS pressing the off button on your immune system, so AIDS still completely sucks to get.
My Facebook feed has been lecturing gays about HIV/AIDS "stigma" and how it is now arrogant to not sleep with someone just because they have HIV/AIDS. Especially if they mention they are "undetectable," which means they are taking their meds enough that they shouldn't be transmitting. Because you should always take a relative stranger's word on their disease-status when your life depends on it, right?
It must suck to have this disease, have to share the news with partners should you decide to, and be inevitably turned down or heartbroken as a result of a dumb past decision, or perhaps be relegated to condom use or only informed gays who take PrEP (which seems to be 86-99% effective). But no means no amirite? And if I had AIDS who am I to lecture responsible men on how they should have sex with me for politeness' sake?
I was doing a voluntary anonymous gay-male-sex study for money when I said something like "protection" referring to condoms and the monitor quipped something about how that word has "stigma" as if AIDS were something someone would want to protect themselves from, so he personally prefers to use another word. I'm not sure if someone is trying really hard to get gay people to keep on fucking AIDS into each other as if it would actually cull our population, or people are really trying this hard to create a world where No One's Feelings Are Hurt Ever. And if hundreds of gays get AIDS in the process and the pharmacists keep making that money, hey we made people feel better!
I am largely beginning to think that there is a large but strong undercurrent of counter-thought to most of these PC campaigns, especially since nowadays you don't hear much from the boogeyman-side that they are shouting against. "Black lives matter, especially when it's a white person killing them (despite 93% of black murder victims being killed by other blacks)!" "Ok." "Her body her choice!" "Ok." "Feminism!" "Mhmm."
RP says, it's your life, not their politeness playground. Your body your choice betch!