Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dating and Facebook Likes - It's a Thing

Technology: Making a few things easier and more accessible, while also helping us (and screwing us over) romantically!

Facebook's Like feature enables one to effortlessly demonstrate approval, praise, and perhaps affection with a mouse-click. "Effortless" is a good dating word --no one wants to elope with a try-hard guy, and this is a great way to not be that guy.

If you are convinced Facebook liking can't have a significant impact on your dating life, you are probably...
a) old
b) just thinking of friendships and forgetting how heated and tense it can get with a potential romantic interest reciprocating desire
c) haven't had a fling in a while
d) are confusing it with stalking / not having those likes be returned

Likes were the opening of one insane relationship I had. A guy and I had a friendly but heated conversational exchange, and when I didn't show up to a party he was invited to that he was expecting me to attend, he promptly gave me a first Like, which I didn't reciprocate in order to not come off as desperate. I trusted in him and the universe that if he so desired me, and if he was bold enough, he'd do it again. He did! I returned his Like so he had given two, and I had given one. Coming off as the less interested one is always important. Then he initiated a chat with me with some lame excuse as to why, followed by some light conversation, a false time-constraint on his part ("I hate to do this, I have to go, but...") which helped him get to the point (asking me out: "...but, let's get a coffee in the near future") and make him seem busy and not desperate (attractive!).

And did you notice he asked in a statement and not a question? He avoided neediness to come off as bold.
But now we're getting into the semantics beyond Facebook likes. But, do you see how it all links up now?

Likes can also mean...
1. It's over, we were chatting, but now I'm going to ignore your messages and give you likes so we have good energy if we ever see each other again and it's not as uncomfortable
2. You messaged me or asked me out in person, and I never had interest, so I ignored the message or said some BS to you in person, so here's a Facebook like so you don't get angry with me, I hope you're well.

Share your own experiences been with Facebook likes, guy-to-guy, in the comments.